In Karis we provide properties and apartments mainly for educational purpose and students. We also have some apartments and spaces that we rent out for public use.

Located on Bangatan in Karis is out newest building. This building was taken into use in January 2012. This modern building is a good example on how a well-planned school building can add both motivation and comfort for the students. The entire building is rented to Axxell.

The student housing on Stabsgatan is primarily in use by Axxell. The other buildings on Stabsgatan have earlier been used by Axxell, but nowadays we rent out working spaces to anyone who is interested. We also have an auditorium and a gymnasium on Stabsgatan.

Spaces for rent


Different kind of offices for companies and organizations.


The auditorium can fit up to 300 persons.


We have a few apartments in Karis and the student housing on Stabsgatan can be used as a hostel for groups during the summer.

Work space

Work space for different kind of companies and craftsmen’s.


Phone: +358 44 739 7358