Stiftelsen för utbildningsfastigheter i kustregionen

Year of establishment:

Property ownership:

Föreningen Konstsamfundet and Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi.

20 percent of the stock of Fastighets Ab Slottsfastigheten in Turku who owns the education space which Ab Aboa Mare, Axxell and Novia rents for shipping education.

Almost 70 percent of Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter, who owns e.g. Estates by Novia in Ekenäs, Raseborgsvägen 9 and Estates by Axxell in Karis and Pargas.

Council and administration

Lasse Svens, Chairman
Kaj-Gustaf Bergh
Marian Westerlund
Henrik Johansson

The administration of the Foundation:
Föreningen konstsamfundet
Mannerheimvägen 18
00100 Helsingfors

Henrik Johansson functions as the executive director of the Foundation. The board does not receive any fee.